Giants CB charged with Armed Robbery, Assault, reportedly “furious” about his Madden Rating

NY Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker is refusing to step onto the field in 2020 until his issues with Madden NFL 21 are resolved.

Despite pending criminal charges from an incident in June, the former University of Georgia All-American has focused his energy on a brewing feud with EA Sports over the newest edition of its signature Madden video game.

“My legal issues are obviously serious or whatever, so I’ll let the lawyers handle that,” Baker said in an interview on Wednesday. “But this Madden shit, it’s straight up disrespectful.”

“For starters, the 60 Strength rating proves they haven’t watched a single one of my Instagram workouts. And my Toughness is only 82, so I guess armed robberies don’t factor in at all anymore.”

Baker even called out former college teammate and current Cleveland Brown Nick Chubb in his rant.

“One night in college, (Nick) Chubb called 911 ’cause his girlfriend’s rabbit got out of its cage. I showed up before the cops, shot the rabbit, then shot his girlfriend for being the kind of cunt who has a rabbit,” Baker admitted. “Got outta there before the law showed up. Now these milk-mouth Madden motherfuckers have the nerve to say he’s 8% tougher and 6% more elusive than me?!”

Baker was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list this week stemming from the notorious June incident in which he and fellow NFL player Quinton Dunbar were arrested at a Miramar, FL cookout. The two cornerbacks allegedly stole $70,000 at gunpoint, then bribed four witnesses with $55,000 in cash to falsify their testimonies. 

“In hindsight, if they took $70k from us and only paid back $55k in bribes, I guess they still kept $15,000 of our cash,” one of the four witnesses said. “Fuck.”

Giants management has directed Baker to stay away from team activities until further notice, admitting that several players on the current roster can’t resist a good bribe. 

But Baker’s lawyer, Patrick Patel, is confident in Baker’s innocence and believes the matter will ultimately be settled outside of court.

“DeAndre is a great kid who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Patel said. “When you consider everything going on in the world right now, it seems a little tone deaf to give this young man a 62 Tackle rating after he only missed 3 tackles last year.”

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